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In my professional life, I've always worked in higher level administrative careers. I've spent the last 13 years working in the healthcare field in various forms, and it's been very rewarding. I have now completed my Master's Degree in Health Law and helmed two successful skilled nursing facilities. In my personal life, my passion has always been the music business. Finally in 2004, I melded them into one....I started Spire Records because I believe in the underdog story that is the independent record label. I'm the devil's advocate in favor of major record label, but I understand the immense need for independent I found a fantastic act and starting working with them, started my label through my management association with them, and we've been working hard ever since. The band is A Course Of Action from western NC, and I have no doubt that they are the next big thing :) My ultimate goal would be to make the connections necessary to move the band to the next level and secure them the appropriate personnel to protect them as they reach for the stars. I would love an opportunity to work in the tour management profession or alongside an established manager working with high level acts. I love to travel, and touring would be fantastic!

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A Course of Action is a powerful foursome that brings many years of musicianship and a genuine love of music for the sake of music. They are known for incredibly tight live shows, commercial edgy, radio-friendly, hard-rock music that promises to break the cycle of “new” rock styles and refocuses listeners on solid rock music, with clear influences of Alice in Chains, Tool, Sevendust and current influences such as Alter Bridge. Lead guitarist, Jonathan Byrd, played on the national scene in a Mercury Records act known as Copperhead in the early 1990’s, but when that band met their demise, he and former Copperhead bassist, Tony Hawkins formed Hybrid in 2000. They recruited for 3 years to find the right singer to solidify their vision for Hybrid, and they found that reality in John Culberson, a South Carolina native who also had regional success in True To One. Hybrid had a lot of regional success from 2003 until 2008, but with the advent of social marketing, the name Hybrid became too broad to brand. The band was at a crossroads, and with an imminent name change, also came a lineup change, when the band parted company with drummer, Okey Parsons. The band soon added Florida native, JT Silvestri on drums and most recently, the band said goodbye to founding member, Tony Hawkins, but gained Wes Johnson on bass guitar. The band has been making huge strides month after month since then. 2012 has been a fantastic year, and bodes well for the events to come in 2013. A Course of Action will be a band to watch. The band is known for tight live shows, great music and solid original material. Hailing from North Carolina, South Carolina and Florida, the group brings many years of musicianship and a genuine love of music for the sake of music. That coupled with a strong DIY work ethic, the band seems poised for great things. Once the band was asked, "what is your gimmick?" The answer was, "there is no gimmick. We are just four normal guys from the South making great rock music." The band just completed a full length album, titled "Dark Before The Dawn". A Course of Action is proudly endorsed by Clayton Guitar Accessories and Soultone Cymbals.