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Little Pink Kitty

  • May 30, 2020
  • Country
  • English
Little Pink Kitty
Main info
Genre Country
Language English
Tempo mid-Tempo
  • Uplifting
  • Happy
Author Pete Marksteiner
Release date 2019
Release artist Pete Marksteiner
Song Description
The song tells a story about a modern-day holiday wish that the parent of any child who celebrates Christmas has made in desperation at one time or another: A youngster asks Santa for a present on Christmas Eve, but it’s not available anywhere. Dad desperately wants to help Santa make that eleventh-hour wish come true, and to keep the magic of Christmas alive in his little girl’s heart, but after a daylong search… no luck. Late in the day, with the sun setting, when it seems unavoidable that disappointment will be lurking among the gifts under the tree Christmas morning, dad finds it! The song, “Little Pink Kitty,” which is available on all major retail and streaming sites, is based on a completely true story from my own life. Whenever I feel stress creeping into my holiday season, I think back on that story, and it reminds me that just best because you grow up doesn’t mean you have to leave behind the awe and magic of Christmas.
Author info
Singer songwriter.
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Geradin Foster
Geradin Foster 6/16/20 2:47 AM
Rico Dawson
Rico Dawson 6/10/20 12:43 PM
Desley Meyer
Desley Meyer 6/8/20 7:23 PM
"good story telling"
Reiner Keller
Reiner Keller 6/1/20 8:47 AM
Achim Wierschem
Achim Wierschem 5/31/20 10:30 PM
Rolf Höllrigl
Rolf Höllrigl 5/31/20 6:38 PM
Chalam +
Chalam + 5/31/20 2:08 PM
Christian Meyer-Pedersen
Christian Meyer-Pedersen 5/31/20 9:17 AM
"I really like the message behind the song. It's a little bit long though seen from a commercial angle."