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The Lyricist "Crist'ian E", born and raised on the Eastside of Atlanta, Georgia, fell in love with the power of spoken word and underground Hip-Hop at the age of 10 years old. At the age of 12 she began to study and admired the dialogue that rap legends such as Queen Latifah, Tupac, MC Lyte and Eminem spoke in their music and formed into her own artist. Crist'ian E's first single “Game Over” debut at the age of 17, performing at local events and music festivals; appeared on a pilot for VH1's “Shaun Nicole, Two Tables & A Mic Show”, Georgia's Sweet Auburn Festival and Hosea's Williams Feed The Hungry. Since then, Crist’ian E started working on her MixTape and E.P., partnering with producers to create hits like her newest single, "100 Godz”. Now 22, attending AIMM School of Music Engineering, Crist'ian E has traveled the road of apprentice, she proves to be a force to be reckoned with and the taught must now teach. Preparing to stand by the “E” in her name, as the Essence of Hip Hop, she brings the words her mind speaks, with the love and pain her heart feels, spilling it into her music.

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A visionary company of the future! Its mission since 1999 has been to bring the arts of music, film, entertainment, beauty, TV and humanitarian projects together to create a cohesive market for new and upcoming talent and launching new companies. Publicizing our plans to hit the world with a “Comet Effect” being visible through all avenues of marketing, promotions both in the United States and internationally is evident and a reality as we go into the different phases of creating an undeniable standard for branding independent labels across the globe.” On the Move” is in the business of building relationships with our partners and sponsors to further the ventures of like-minded companies like ourselves to penetrate and make a difference in this billion-dollar industry of entertainment we plan to establish this presence through education, social media, concert, tours, broadcasting, radio and endless global projects. The arts are viable to our youth and the next generation, so our motto of being “Visionaries of the Future “is our commitment to excellence.