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Kam Falk has played an integral role in Florida's music scene since the early 1980's. Since then, he has earned a Bachelor of Music degree in Music Theory/Composition (U.F., Gainesville, 1987), and a Master of Music degree in Commercial Music Composition/Production (Summa cum Laude, F.A.U., Boca Raton, 2009) Since 2000, He has composed, arranged, recorded, mixed and mastered four solo CD projects and one Enhanced CD (his debut entitled NATIVE TONGUE). He has also released, published and distributed three CD's by other artists on his Falkreations Music (BMI) label. Falk is also the composer of the Belliger Symphony, a three movement work completed in 2007, and played as a session bassist and keyboardist for many other CD projects by other artists. He has performed all over the globe in cruise ships, stadiums, arenas, festivals, performing arts centers, theaters, concert halls, casinos, banquet halls, community centers and night clubs, and he continues to perform on a regular basis both locally and abroad.

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Falkreations Music (BMI) is an independent record label that was founded in 2000. Since then, there have been several Falkreations Music releases by Kam Falk, the label's owner/operator. Through the years, there have also been releases by other carefully chosen artists, such as vocalist, Marcel Morejon and multi-instrumentalist, A. K. Radaydeh.