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At the age of 7, my love affair with music began. I became a paid professional singer. The local clubs would advertise me as a guest performer with that evening’s house band. The town elders saw this and said I could no longer be advertised or perform in that atmosphere. So, after that my parents would sneak me in the back door of the clubs and I continued with my passion…singing. By the time I was 8 years old I felt like I was 8 going on 30! When I was 12, I was asked to be the front man for a local rock band. That began a 14 year successful relationship with my agent and still a good friend, James Pantas. I always thought I was working for him, but it was the other way around. He would tell me where, what time, my contact, who would pay me and I would arrange rehearsals, transportation, etc. On Monday morning, I would cash the check, pay the guys and bring Jim his cut while having coffee with he and his wife and learning about the world, its cultures, cuisines and all those things I wasn’t getting from home. I’m eternally grateful for all the life lessons learned in those 14 years. This was an area in Central New York that supported over 80 full time rock & roll cover bands. We dubbed it the Liverpool of the West. So, my teen years were spent in bars and fraternity houses learning about life the hard way (although I consider it to have been the easy and averaging 3 days a week in school. Yes, if I had it to do over, I would absolutely do it differently. I love to learn and you are never too old! In 1974, I moved to the big apple to pursue a career on stage and formed a duo known as Ivory Tower. We played the night club circuit and this led to a position as MC, Host and Entertainment Coordinator in a club in the village called Kelly's Village West. The club was filled 5 nights a week and as a result I was called to audition for a National Broadway Tour. I played a belligerent 18 year old rock star in The National Lampoon Show and for 6 months toured most of the US and Canada. Another great feather in my “street” educational cap. I began seriously composing songs in 1973 and still have that passion to sing whenever possible. As for writing songs, that love affair will never end!

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