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Entitled To Protect Our Way of Living, the album brings you a mix of alternative and progressive rock influences that are forged into crossover prog in a way that reminds us of such great bands as A Perfect Circle, Faith No More and Porcupine Tree. The album was mixed by the legendary producer Tim Palmer (U2, Ozzy Osbourne, David Bowie). The band has worked hard within the world of rock for the past decade and Fadeout is the culmination of their relentless efforts. They have gathered huge interest towards their sound that has a flavor of a certain 70's wibe, brought into the new millenia."

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Fadeout separates itself from a big bulk of other artist in a sense that they are not simply satisfied in writing good music with interesting time signatures and unconventional arrangements, but wish to also portray a concrete message: the world is in a need of a social change. A good example of this is the song Palestine, which was written by the bands singer Marko Pajula after he was banned from entering the country of Israel for ten years without any reasonable cause. This kind of a political theme combined with more traditional finnish love tragedy melancholy can be found within the bands debut album which is released through Secret Entertainment on the 22nd of February 2012.