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Franklin Ortiz has worked for several years as a manager and owner of his companies. But always keeping the music as a hobby. However, since 2012 took the decision to enter into the world of music. He had already managed to place one of his songs in positions of privilege in his native Costa Rica. But now he wants to show their work in other environments. With the help of Stephen Wake, and Beatrice V. Ortiz, managed to record songs like I'll Be Waiting, A Thousand Deaths and Faces Up. Now, joined the group Rob Quesada and Sara Arias, and they gave a new look to the vocal and musical production.

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Music2Think is a project formed by Franklin Ortiz, and composed of a group of friends dedicated to the creation and production of music. Franklin Ortiz is the project leader and principal songwriter. Our business idea for now, is focused on getting a contract that gives us economic stability, in order to dedicate ourselves completely to music. Franklin is interested in moving forward as a band, but understanding that there are currently limiting. So, they're uploading their songs to soundcloud and website, in order to offer this material for different purposes. For a singer or band interested in this new material. Similarly, for a singer or band who want music especially for their new CD's. Also, there is interest in the business of movies, short films, games, publishing, libraries, etc..