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  • Dec 24, 2023
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"Haruka Strings," a chamber ensemble unit focusing on vocals and string instruments, was founded by guitarist Falcon, singer Eri Liao, and Asuka Strings (comprising current members Aska Maret, Atsuki Yoshida, and Makito Nishiya). In October 2021, under the name "Songs & Strings," they debuted live, followed by a recording the day after a live performance in October 2022. Rebranded as "Haruka Strings" in 2023, they launched anew. Led by Falcon's songwriting, arrangements, and free-spirited string ensembles, Eri Liao's diverse linguistic vocals resonate within their sound. Their debut album "Dreams in the Wind" comprises 8 songs, including pieces reflecting pre-pandemic, pandemic-era, and post-Russia-Ukraine war sentiments inspired by the Shonan landscapes of Japan. Aska Maret's "Earth Turns Eternal," a multilingual peace project, features Eri Liao singing in Chinese. Eri Liao's ancestral Japanese folk song "Joban Tankobushi" and Seijin Noborikawa's Okinawan folk song "Finale" (live recording) are also the highlights of the album. Recording engineer Yudai Yoneyama, from Sony Music Studios, handled most recordings, while field recording specialist Hiroshi Iguchi captured one live track in Japan and Myanmar. The album's artwork comes from collaborator and illustrator-musician Amiigo Koike. Releases (2023): September 10: 1st single "Blowing Wind" September 21: 2nd single "Summer Rain" (Music Video featuring collaborative artwork by renowned manga artist Jiro Taniguchi) October 11: 1st album "Dreams in the Wind" October 20: Album release party at MOONROMANTIC in Aoyama, Tokyo Members: Falcon (guitar) Eri Liao (vocal, sanshin) Maret Aska (violin) Atsuki Yoshida (viola) Makito Nishiya (cello) songs: M-1. Fragments of Spring, Where Dreams Have Ceased M-2. Blowing Wind M-3. Summer Rain M-4. Joban Tankobushi (Japanese folk song) M-5. Beautiful and Various Dreams M-6. Deep Fall M-7. Earth Turns Eternal (Aska Maret) M-8. Finale~Ichinkariyushi~ [live recording] (Okinawan folk song)
ハルカストリングス Haruka Strings - 風が吹く- Blowing Wind (Official Lyric Video)
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Luigino Sarcone
Luigino Sarcone 1/4/24 2:06 PM
"Very good!"
Music2Deal Support -  Sandra
Music2Deal Support - Sandra 12/29/23 2:54 PM
Reiner Keller
Reiner Keller 12/28/23 3:01 PM
"very nice !!"
Adrian Sebastian Werum
Adrian Sebastian Werum 12/24/23 10:20 PM
"Beautiful Song & Arrangement !!"