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Francesco Quiriconi was born in 1968 in Pescia, near the area of Lucca in Italy, where still today live with his family. He started studying music theories in early age. He directed and developed his composition and expression attitudes toward piano and keyboards. Since 1991 he studies singing with Delfo Menicucci (the theacher of Andrea Bocelli). His musical influences are unlimited (mainly Toto, Michael Jackson, Pat Metheny) During the late 70's and 80's in the teen's ages, melodic pop, classic, rock, classic, metal, contemporary jazz, dance, whatever could positively inspire, was taken as a positive opportunity to let grow inside him an articulated and non-labeled musical style. During the 90's and 2010 Francesco composed, recorded and executed an vast repertoire of songs that can be classified in the pop rock genre, and soundtracks. Francesco cooperated with many musicians as composers, arrangers and session men. He perform his activity in a private-residential professional studio created on purpose. Francesco’s life has always been characterized by faith in our Lord Jesus Christ and by His presence.

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Songwriter-singer and composer.