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Film/TV   Gaming   Recording Studio   Record Label   Remixer & Studio   Audio Engineer   Music Producer  
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Musician, Music Producer and Sound Engineer with live and studio experience. Guitarist and trumpet player with two active band: W.O.G.U.E., Macromellowlake. Graduated at “School of Sound Engineering” located in Bologna. Graduated at “Muzika” – a basic course of ambient music and sonic background for film. Graduated at “Tesus” in Sound engineering and production. Graduated at the conservatorio “L. Cherubini” in Florence in “Electronic music and composition”. From January 2013 to present, working with DOC Servizi about live event, music production, recording and mixing. From May 2009 to present, chief engineer and studio manager at 121 Decibel Recording Studio. Music production, arrangement, recording and mixing. From 2006 to present, resident sound engineer at Larione 10 Studio. Music production, recording and mixing. From January 2002 to present, live sound engineer for Omikron audio service. Live FOH and monitor engineer for concert, conference, convention, fashion show, gala, wedding, parties. Stage manager. Event producer and director. Knowledge: fundamentals of physics acoustics (sinusoidal frequencies, isophonic curves, phase concept, envelope of the sound); active and passive filters (low-pass, high-pass, band-pass, peaking, shelving), equalizers; acoustic planning (design of the acoustics of a room with acoustic conditioning, vibrating absorber, Helmholtz resonators, etc ); AD/DA conversion; analogical and digital connection and synchronization (SMPTE, MTC, WORD CLOCK); audio and video postproduction; MIDI and computer music; stereo microphoning tecnique (mid-side, Bloomlein, X-Y, Decca tree, ORT, etc...); electronic composition; musical composition and notation; basics of music history; history of the electroacoustic music; musical acoustics; electroacoustics composition; music harmony and solfeggio; computer music; esecution and interpretation of electroacoustic music; labor law; health and safety in the workplaces; automation systems; data and digital systems; production techniques; sampling techniques; read and analyze movie score; story of music for cinema; how to create a soundtrack; story of ambient music; element of musictherapy; psicology of music; relationship between audio and video; music and emotion, how to create emotion using the music harmony and melodies; different kind of synthesis (addictive, subtractive, physical model, etc...); analog and digital mixers for live (front of house and monitors) and studio (split, split and in-line); dynamic effects and color (or environment): compressors, gate, chorus, reverb, delay, flanger, etc; recording techniques in analogue and digital domain (analog recorders Studer and Otari, digital formats Dash, Prodigy and ADAT Alesis); mixing techniques; basics of mastering. Social skills and competences: team work: i have worked in various types of teams, touring around Europe with some productions, working in the studios, arranging events and shows. Intercultural skills: i experienced working in USA at New York University (NYU) in a collaboration between Conservatory and Dr. Esther Lamneck of the the "Steinhardt school of culture, education and human development" - Dept Mus. & Perf. Arts (NYU), with an electroacoustical composition called “Icedfrag on sun” and performed at "Loewe theater" by her students with a ballet and some musicians. Social media manager and operator (proficient multiplatform user of all kind of social network like facebook, twitter, instagram, google plus, foursquare, pinterest, etc.) Software and OS knowledge: ProTools HD/LE (professional user), Digital Performer, Logic PRO, Cubase, Reason, SoundForge, Acid, Ableton Live, Max/MSP, Mac OS X, Windows XP, Vista. Specialties: production, recording and mixing skills, sound design and multimedia installations....with a natural predisposition for rock and roll. Mother tongue: Italian Other languages: English, Spanish. Author of 5 electroacoustic composition: “Elementi distanti”, “T.I.(e).M.E.”, “Noi fine marzo”, “Travellin dreamz”, “Icedefrag on sun”. SIAE (italian society of authors and editors) member. “The Orchard” and “Audioglobe” music collaborator. Enjoy all sports particularly martial arts and tennis table. Love to travel and experience different cultures. Driving licences A, B less

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