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Hard Rock vocalist, Mark Daly, hails from Cork, Ireland. An established singer/songwriter, Mark has worked with some of the best in the business; including American super group, Operation: Mindcrime. The group, which is led by vocalist Geoff Tate (formerly of Queensryche), who has sold over 20 million records and has secured a Grammy nomination as well as participating in an abundance of world tours. Other band members of Operation: Mindcrime include the likes of musicians from bands Disturbed, Ozzy Osbourne, Whitesnake and ACDC. Mark released his debut solo single ‘The Hearts Reminder’ (Nov 25th,2016) along with a powerful music video for the debut track also titled ‘​The Hearts Reminder​’ it generated over 50,000 views on Facebook in its first week alone while flying up to Number 2​ in the Irish Rock downloads chart. After the successful release of ‘The Hearts Reminder’ Mark returned to the studio working with producer Christian Best on a brand-new single titled ‘​Your World​’. The song was written about Mark’s three-year-old son who was diagnosed with Autism at a very early stage. This track waS never intended to be heard beyond Mark’s ears as it was too personal.The song hits home and would grab any listener’s emotions, singing about how Mark is the ‘Proudest Man Alive’ and that he knows the ‘struggles will keep coming their way’. Mark, felt he needed to give something back to the organisation who worked closely with Mark’s son and family. ‘Your World’ was released at the end of April 2017 and has been played on radio stations across the world, the music video for the track has racked up over 60,000 views to date and on July 15th 2017 the song went to​ Number 1 in the Global Scottish New Music Chart. In September 2017 Mark travelled to Glasgow, Scotland to record his debut album and is currently touring around Europe. 

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