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Hi, my name is Kevin O'Brien, from the UK, I'm a songwriter who writes under the name of Mor-e-ah. Music is my passion, be it listening to it or creating it, couldn't live without it. I've been writing lyrics for nearly 30 years, songwriting is my therapy, getting my feelings out there, telling stories and speaking my truth. My own music is heavily influenced by the music I’ve heard all my life, I’ve been very lucky to have such a varied musical background. Different family members and friends have turned me onto lots of artists, bands and tastes throughout the decades and music movements. I love just about all types of music, probably some I shouldn’t admit to. But I believe there are really only two types of music. Good and Bad. And the best thing about that is it’s all down to personal choice, no two people like the same exact music. If you would like to hear some of my own music please visit my website

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Mor-e-ah is the name I write under as there are so many Kevin O'Brien's in this world, blame my Irish heritage for that one. I've been crafting lyrics for nearly 30 years, but need some help to make sense of them. I am an avid member of The Songwriting Academy where I'm being taught both sides of the music business. If you would like to co-write or need some lyrics, please get in touch.