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Kirk Edwards was born in London, England on 22 August 1989. And is of Jamaican descent. He lived on bounces road in North London until he was 3 with his mother and two older siblings. Growing up in a house with a Jamaican born mother, brother and sister, he often found himself taken in by the sweet, groovy tunes of the reggae music that would often be played in his house, so he quickly grew accustomed to the sounds of artists such as Dennis Brown, Alton Ellis and Ken Boothe. However, Kirk’s first musical idol was to be Bob Marley who he would often imitate at every given opportunity, thanks to the gift of a guitar & microphone, courtesy of his mother. Of his idol Bomber states: “I always loved the way he was able to capture perfect emotion with his melodies & wasn’t afraid to say what others wouldn’t with his testing lyrics”. Kirk and his family soon moved to Park Avenue where he lived, and also attended Hazelwood primary school in Palmers Green, London N13. Kirk’s varied array of musical intake would increase as he was exposed to the sounds of Motown, mirroring the musical taste of his mother, appreciating music from such acts as Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Diana Ross & The Supremes & of course Michael Jackson. Kirk would again move house during his childhood, moving to Woodberry Avenue in the North of the capitol. Whilst attending Bishop Stopfords secondary school Kirk was often surrounded by young people who had all taken to the trend of MCing, a trend which at the time was set in my motion by songs such as ‘Pow’ by Lethal B & ‘21 Seconds’ by So Solid Crew. At the age of 14 he was to try his hand at MCing, competing in battles and going on underground radio stations such as ‘Heat FM’. Throughout his school years Kirk would become a more accomplished MC, also becoming involved in the slightly slower tempo of rap music, whilst at all times maintaining his strong fondness for the gentle sounds of soul & reggae music that he grew up with. At age 16 Kirk went on to do a BTEC National Diploma at Oakland’s college St Albans. It was from here on that Kirk would discover his love for Alternative/Rock music, whilst working his part-time job of crowd stewarding at music concerts he came across the Brit Award-nominated band ‘The Feeling’ who he describes as “one of the best live acts he has ever seen”. Kirk would also take a shine to Coldplay after hearing their classic songs, such as ‘Yellow’ and ‘Trouble’, with all these different styles of music bubbling up beneath the surface, it was only a matter of time before Bomber would explode onto the scene. 6 years on, after performing at various universities to further enhance his stage performance, and also performing at live events with artists such as ‘Chipmunk’ Kirk Edwards aka Bomber is being touted as the new don of UK hip hop, the kid with the clean flow, as he is often referred to as, whose way with words and ear for a tough, infectious beat and sinuous, memorable melody are guaranteed to bring him to wider attention next year. The boy from North London, still only 24, has for a while been a name to conjure within underground circles.

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