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Pete is a singer songwriter from Newtownards in Northern Ireland. He has had a passion for music since the age of 6 when he first heard Slash play the opening three chords of "Knockin’ on Heavens Door" and knew right then music was going to play a major role in his life. It's in his blood to write lyrics. He writes about his circumstances at any given moment, his relationships with people, doomed love affairs (“you get much better words out of a sad ending than from a happy one”), news stories that hit him hard when he’s glancing through the paper, and pretty much any thought that comes into his head that he thinks is worth noting down. The master songwriters Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen are the greatest influences on his life. When he turned 20 and writing songs was becoming much more important to him, he was drawn to them more and more and began to discover them on a whole new level. As he says of Dylan and Cohen “They are both as endearing as each other, they can take you as far as you are willing to go and then drag you that little bit further, and I learn more and more from them every day.” It is these influences that made Pete the brilliant lyricist that he is today. The more you listen to his songs the more you hear and are amazed at how he can put words together in such a meaningful way that may make you laugh or cry, but will certainly make you take notice. Pete’s debut album was recorded last year with award winning Irish producer Tommy McLaughlin (The Villagers, Soak) and mixed by Ash Howes (Texas, Kylie Minogue, One Direction) and will be used as singles. Fresh from the success of his debut single ‘All These Things’ - released earlier this year and supported by the likes of Robert Elms and Radio 2’s Janice Long, and crowned with a ‘Track Of The Day’ feature on Record Of The Day, the talented songsmith has been building a steady following of fans by performing his music across the country. Pete recently collaborated with Pól Brennan of Clannad, writing and performing the theme music for the Irish movie ‘Property of The State’ alongside the legendary Irish composer. A powerful drama based on a true event that shocked Ireland in the 1990’s, the film tells the story from the eyes of the sister of a young man who committed murder and deals with the devastating effects of mental illness and domestic abuse. Pól Brennan composed the full score while the lyrics for the closing theme, ‘From Over The River,’ were written and performed by Pete. Pete unveils his new single ‘Pretty Smiles’ along with a cinematic video inspired by 50’s Film Noir, set for release via NUA Entertainment on 2nd September. The visuals are the testament to the young artist’s love for retro, shot in a 1920’s bar in Manchester by award-winning video director Alex Taylor, the video narrates the story of a young bartender who falls in love with a ghost. Resembling a young James Dean, Pete Gardiner shows off his acting and dancing skills in what is his first professional shooting experience.

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