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As a producer my ambition is to work with as many musicians/producers as possible, I believe you don’t get better at what you do if you're not persistently put out of you're comfort zone, I'm a unsigned musician/producer, I sing and play the guitar/piano/bass and drums.

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MIXING IS MY PASSION I am now mixing my second documentary, the first being the reason I found myself with such a passion, the drive to get better within the territory that interests me the most within the film and music industry. I have also processed audio for the Future Earth Battalion an Mr Anderson. Everything I have learnt with regards to mixing is from either word of mouth/extensive hours in my home studio and learning from sources such as youtube and wikipedia. Unfortunately I have never really had the opportunity to work in a commercial studio environment or school, which is something that interests me greatly, however I have made massive efforts to work as if I am working in a professional environment within my office(home studio).