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Songwriter   Music Producer   Composer   Artist   lyricist   Singer Songwriter   Recording Studio  

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Marshland Pete is an accomplished guitarist and vocalist. Growing up next to the marshland of England (He also grew up next to a golf course but Golf Course Pete doesn't have the same ring to it). He grew his musical understanding from the family 45s, favouring those Rock and Blues artists who could launch into deeply moving guitar solos (Jeff Beck, Cream, Roy Buchanan, Robin Trower, Jimi Hendrix, Free, Led Zeppelin) as well as musicians who embraced the unconventional. In early bands, Petey would take a lead in writing new songs and developing long solos (His other bandmates were less impressed with the length of these solos). Petey left the peaceful idyllic landscapes of the East Anglian marshland to travel the long dusty lonesome road (Well alright he took the train, which was quite comfortable) to London. He found a new home in London. Much of his music has been influenced by the London 1960's music scene and living amongst the landmarks of that era has been inspiring. These days, Petey is playing music further afield and has performed in numerous places throughout the UK. Whilst Petey has done session work at prestigious recordings studios such as Abbey Road Studios, he records mostly from his own home studio, Chime Tone Studio. In addition to performing on the records (often playing or programming all of the instruments), he mixes, masters and even does the artwork for his songs. Marshland Pete performs solo as well as in a trio. The trio may not be available for all events depending on location and if costs are met, so please check for availability. The solo set sound can be bolstered by a backing track for the sound of a full band or played with no backing and stripped back to its raw elements. The live set can be tailored to fit the occasion with a flexible setlist. His live solo performance adds a new dimension by adding live looping and improvisation to create a full dynamic sound. Think Royal Blood, Cream and Jeff Beck mixed together in a solo act.

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Chime Tone Studio is a London based studio that specialises in music composition and recording in multiple genres. We can provide anything from instrumental background tracks to fully developed theme songs with vocals. Our main producer Petey has particular expertise in producing music that displays a warm classic retro sound using highly detailed models of vintage equipment without sacrificing the quality demanded in modern music. We have built up a network of talented musicians and composers both locally and around the world to provide expertise in whatever genre is required. Including everything from rock, to pop, funk, folk, blues, soul and hip hop.