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Passionate about startups, music, and disruptive tech, led me to build Qjam, a 21st-century meet-n-greet & autograph platform that brings the artists direct-to-fan, to monetize directly with their consumers (D2C) aka Superfans. Superfans, according to Goldman Sachs, demonstrate a significant propensity to engage financially with their favorite artists. They are 30% more likely to spend money on their favorite artists compared to other demographics. Additionally, their likelihood to purchase physical merchandise is higher by 40%, indicating a strong preference for tangible connections with the artists they admire. Furthermore, these superfans are 80% more likely to make purchases during live events, showcasing a heightened level of engagement and willingness to spend in real-time, immersive experiences.

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QJAM recreates the magic of real-world meet-and-greets in the digital realm. Fans queue for live, intimate chats with their favorite artists, witnessing others' moments while awaiting their turn. With digital autographs and the buzz of shared excitement, QJAM is revolutionizing how fans and stars connect, making once-in-a-lifetime moments an everyday joy. We’ve hosted events across 65 countries with artists such as Cro, Liam Payne, YungBlud, black Veil Brides, Supergrass, and many more.