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Music Producer
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Dance Electronica
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Remixer & Studio   Composer   Gaming   Artist   Film/TV   Digital & Mobile  

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Dreamweavers is the musical collaboration between partners Heather Roth (Fluteyloops) and Azar Breakey (Spirit Sound Innovators). Both are professional musicians, as well as Music Producers, mixing and mastering their own albums to this date. They are presently working on their 3rd album, as well as their own DVD.

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Dreamweavers is the collaboration between Heather Roth (Fluteyloops) and Azar Breakey (Spirit Sound Innovators). The nature of their collaboration began in a unique and magical way. Having had the opportunity to listen to each other's music, they both were aware of a special shared understanding and appreciation for the beautiful journey inward that music creates for the listener . Each journey has it's own path of emotion, light and exoticism...travelling to different worlds, as well as states of being. Over a period of a couple of months and plenty of files being shared over Google Drive, their music connection grew. They were inspired by similar creative and spiritual passions. These tracks that they to date have collaborated on, have been an exploration, stretched across mountain and sea, rain and sunshine, faith and love. Dreamweavers compose music for Dancefloor, Lounge Groove, Ambient Psychedelia, Film and Media Soundtracks, Meditation and Yoga, as well as Music for Young Children and Pregnancy. “Dreamweavers” have 2 albums released, both in 2015, " FreQuency" and "Til the End of Time". Their upcoming 3rd Album is due to be release in the first quarter of 2016. Covering a vast variety of musical styles and influence, Dreamweavers is also starting to Produce Visuals & Music combined for DVD... The magic continues to grow. Their debut Album "FreQuency" Album is available for download on iTunes and other stores : Their 2nd Album "Til the End of Time" is available on iTunes, Amazon,Beatport, Spotify, Deezer, Google Play etc Watch this space