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Bio When Magnolia was a little girl the only things that really made her happy were music and dancing. She started to make melodies when she was barely 2 years young. Her father was a formal Indigenous performer and personal physiotherapist for high professionals in the sport and industry such as Pélé, Sylvester St.Bjorn Borg and more so she had a good example, although she navigates this particular artist world on her own without the help of her dad.At the age of 5 she started Ballet and Modern Dance. She also sang in a choir, participated in auditions ,did acting work in Europe and more.After ballet she got influenced by hip hop dance and started street-rapping to help young kids in the streets and did street-dancing with Jobo & 5th Avenue Dance Crew. Met people with the same interests,soon people started to know her because of her positive energy-overflow. Contacts grew stronger and resulted in jobs for commercials for D&D productions,game records,Merayah studio's,Hush~Rush, Little Milk, Kim,BB Jerome & the Bang Gang,Amen,BC,did a project Sorpio feat Zenna, Decadence ,did backing vocals for lead singer from Def Dames Dope, participated in 'This is it'(Michael Jackson)and many more..Performed from Europe to USA.The lyrics she writes always content pieces of her life and written from the heart. She is very spirituel and also works as a healing facilitator, but you know already the most important things.Music is life and love is the (her) key she says.Good luck Magnolia Feel free to contact me for any music collaboration.

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