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Formed in 1999, Folk Aulaga aim retrieve and disseminate popular music tradition of Extremadura in particular and the general folk. In his records AMBROZ FROM OUR WAY (2002) and is not bad WOOD (2005), have made a commitment and responsibility that traditional music reaches a wide audience of all ages, so that older feel and see their heritage / musical and younger understand that that legacy is real and alive. This includes matters Folk Aulaga by voice of the neighbors, reelaborándolos and adapting to new instruments and fusing with other music, songbooks draw from different collected from people who dedicate their life to the collection of traditional music and make inroads into boldly original compositions but always respecting the popular taste and tradition. International journals as Folk Roots of Britain, France Magacine TRAD, FOLKWORLD of Germany, U.S. CENTRAL MUSIC WORLD, THE MUSIC CELTIC FAN Philippine Interfolk, WORLD 1 MUSIC MAGAZINE ETIK, CANCIONEROS.COM, TIERRAFOLK, BRITMOS, MAGAZINE CASTILE AND LEON, AKELARREFOLK, MT MAGAZINE, VALLADOLIDWEBMUSICALde Spain among others have echoed his great work. TVE2 "CONCERTS OF RADIO 3" as well as radio programs as prestigious as Discopolis and TARATAÑA of RNE3, RHYTHMS ETNICOSde RNE5, RCFM, RADIO KOSMOS, Celtic airs, SOUTH BAY RADIO, RAI-CANAL SUR RADIO WORLD MUSIC , FOLK LINIA ICAT, RNE Radio 5 "the Concert Radio 3 on Radio 5", the casino, Canal Extremadura Radio, RNE3 "CONCERTS oF RADIO 3" and a long journey through different radio stations nationally and internationally.