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Helmuth Treichel became after Gift’s split a member of various bands (Route 66, Cor, Mephisto, Walrus) and paused his active career as musician in 1997. Since then he lived as successful scientist (microelectronics and photovoltaics) in California, USA and is now back in his hometown Augsburg, Germany.

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The Atomic Picnic Project is a musician's dream and has been in the works for a long time. This project arose by the chance encounter after almost 40 years of two „bedrock veterans“ of the Augsburg rock scene, Germany: HELMUTH TREICHEL and KLAUS BADER Both marked by vast and interesting life experiences, heads full of creativity and creative drive, they embarked on the project! A new musical direction was born: „VINTAGE CROSSING“ A mix of music from the seventies and eighties, complemented with modern Sounds and instruments. Topics range from traumatic events in human history to compassionate love songs to tributes to friendship to just plain and simple (well, not so simple) rock. The use of various professional musicians and singers contribute to the intensity and variety of this project which can be heard on the already published CDs “…A Gift For You”, “Raven’s Dance” and now "Out of my shell". „The Creators“ Helmuth Treichel In the seventies singer and musician with GIFT, the first rock band from Augsburg with a record deal by a major label!, as well as subsequently other rock formations. Lived for a long time in California, USA. Noteworthy: Helmuth is also a successful scientist in microelectronics and photovoltaics. He now lives and works again in his hometown Augsburg, Germany. Klaus Bader Lived for a long time in Augsburg, Germany, was a bass player and singer in various blues/rock formations and toured through Germany as light and sound engineer. He also worked as composer and producer out of his own sound studio close to his hometown. He now works and resides for more than ten years in Alicante/Spain. Amanda Dieck is a talented, opera singer reborn as rock singer, currently singing, too, for the T. Clemente band and Gundacker. Amanda grew up signing and performing all over the United States but spent the most time of her younger years in Memphis, TN taking in all the music she could. Since then, Amanda has happily made her home in California and has performed internationally with different styles ranging from musicals, hard rock, opera, country, jazz, original music and pop. In her spare time, she helps others as a vocal coach and music therapist. IMPORTANT: Links for downloads, buys and additional info: Why "Out of my shell"? It is that outer image that I’ve patched together from all of the messages I’ve absorbed about who I “should” be, what people expect of me, what I have to be in order to be accepted and loved. And it’s a hard shell! For a long time, it served me – it protected me. Over the last couple of years, I started noticing those spaces. So that is when I started searching, going deeper, introducing myself to my self. I’ve courted that self. I’ve gotten curious, asked questions, spent time sitting silently and just listening for the feelings that can’t be put into words without losing their meaning. Now I sit at this new boundary – struggling and trying to learn how to “be” that authentic person in interaction with this world. With one hand, I hold tight to the hand of that inner self – with the other hand, I’m grasping. I’m reaching, struggling, sometimes grabbing impatiently. And, so often, it hurts – it doesn’t work, I’m uncertain, I’m afraid, and I pull back into my shell again. I know I want to be me now, all of the time! I know I want to look in the mirror every day and see myself looking back without judgement. How to make a leap of faith into a life full of adventures, new exciting things, happiness and fun? Where do we begin this journey in order to liberate ourselves from our own loving shells? The answer seems easy: become happier and less upset; change your mood from bad to good; stop thinking about your sadness and start thinking about positive things; stop being withdrawn; open your heart and mind to life; stop being insecure; stop being shy; become more confident; become the one you always wanted to be!