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Production of electronic music and computermusic since the late eighties. Study, graduation and postdoctoral lecture qualification in musicology. Scientific researches in music- and media-technology and computerperformance; teaching activities (digital music, history of computermusic) at miscellaneous german universities. Concerts and sound installations in several cities of germany.

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Klangspiegel electronic & classic stands for the inclusion of electronic sound sources which reveal new sonic worlds and offer a way out of the instrumental music with acoustical instruments. Klangspiegel electronic & classic uses contemporary music and media technology, to extend the limits of understanding and communicating music. Klangspiegel electronic & classic realizes the performance-experiments described in Glenn Goulds »Well-Tempered Listener«. The releases include electronic transcriptions and arrangements of classical music as well as straight electronic and ambient music composed for tape, configured for interactive performances and sound installations.