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  • Jun 17, 2015
  • Alternative
  • German
Main info
Genre Alternative
Language German
Tempo mid-Tempo
  • Melancholic
Voice male
Author ich, Marco Richter
Release date 1993
Release artist Marco Richter ( der Butcherboy)
Song Description
This song describes how destroyed love a man, his feelings, his thoughts, his dreams and his life. But in the end nothing can destroy the love itself.
Track No03

Votes and comments

Chalam +
Chalam + 6/7/16 10:46 AM
Mimidhof 10/20/15 4:51 AM
"This is really melancholic and Destroy correspond well to what I felt when listen. This is coherent...keep working on..."
David Ian Hardwick
David Ian Hardwick 6/25/15 7:25 PM
"It has potential, sync. Consistent with the title. Hope this phase is over now Marco and you will rebuild ;-)"