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Michael Schinkel´s ETERNAL FLAME

  • Feb 23, 2022
    • Metal
  • Band
Michael Schinkel´s ETERNAL FLAME
  • Metal
Type Band
Country Germany
  • Live
Already with their 2018 comeback-album „Smoke on the Mountain“ ETERNAL FLAME laid down the foundation for their new album „GRAVITATION“. Still, „GRAVITATION“ excels its predecessor in terms of songwriting, performance and virtuosity. Classic Heavy Metal meets catchy rock-songs and neo-classical tunes – all carried by Michael Schinkel’s brilliant guitar and unequalled voice. Moreover Helmut Kohlpaintner (keyboards), Thomas Keller (bass) and new drummer Tommy Wagner deliver outstanding performances along with guest-singers Mark Boals and Göran Edman. Lyricist Timothy Touchton („Go for Gold“ - Olympic Games Seoul 1988, „Sail Away“ - Joe Cocker, numerous Top-40 hits) is responsible for most of the lyrics. ETERNAL FLAME „GRAVITATION“ – produced by Michael Schinkel & Helmut Kohlpaintner, co-produced by Timothy Touchton. Mixed by Michael Schinkel. Mastered by Christoph Stickel. New-Video: =========
05_No Way To Hide_V02_M01
08_Stay In The Middle Of The Night_V02_M01
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Reiner Keller
Reiner Keller 1/31/22 1:16 PM