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POWERPOP-PUNK AND 60's BEAT FROM ESSEN: THE CHERRYPOPS WITH „WOLKEN ZUCKER HIMMEL“ 2004, Essen. A mix tape was needed to sweeten the drive through the bleak Ruhr area. So, Miss Vee, creative head and guitar player of the band The Cherrypops, sat down and wrote some songs. Out of the mix tape The Cherrypops arose - a band which has been playing live since 2007 in a more or less open line-up with sometimes up to four or six musicians across clubs in the Ruhr area and surrounding. So, what's the Cherrypop sound? It's sweet but can also be rough and intermixed between sweet melodies and a pithy beat coming from a 60s attitude and charming abstruse German lyrics. The songs merge power pop verve with 1-2-3 punk riffs and girl vocals, a reminiscence to the girl bands of the 60s. Easygoing and full of energy the girls and boys from Essen and Düsseldorf jump on to the roller coaster of great emotions, lost hopes and absurd encounters without taking themselves too seriously. Besides power pop you will find mostly garage, soul and beat on the record shelves of the band. A mix that will play a major role for the future sound of the band. Title song 'Wolken Zucker Himmel' with its hymnal sky-storming love of life managed to get on to the international girl band compilation 'Hellbound Honeys“ of Australian cult label 'Off The Hip' and on to the hit lists of 1Live, Radio FSK and Radio Eins. The Aussie connection of guitar player and songwriter Vero was responsible for some more airplay at SBS, PBSFM and Triple R. 13 songs were recorded in 2010 and were released in March 2011 on the Essen's independent label 'New Lifeshark'. Since then the Cherrypops' songs are not only on Vee's private mix tape but on the radio – starting with national stations like DRM Campus Radio Erlangen, MDR Sputnik, WDR2 and Deutschlandradio Kultur up to international stations like Onda Madrid and WFMU New York. With a new line-up the girls and boys of the The Cherrypops played some concerts in 2011 – also accoustic and living room shows – in Essen and around. In 2012 more concerts and new recordings are planned. Tracklist: 01. Ohne Kopf 02. Kleiner Astronaut 03. Wolken Zucker Himmel 04. Immer mehr 05. Kein Freund von mir 06. Dein Haarschnitt und deine Gitarre 07. Was willst du tun? 08. Ganz viel Erdbeereis 09. Wie es war 10. Ich bin ein Sam 11. Nur ein Spiel 12. Elvis 13. Ohne Kopf unplugged Recent line-up: Annka – Vocals Vee – Guitar Veedeebee – Guitar Ivy – Bass Tee Fee – Drums Label: New Lifeshark Release date CD „Wolken Zucker Himmel“: 15.03.2011 >> Internet: Home: Facebook: MySpace: Soundcloud: Reverbnation: Last FM: Contact & Booking: Veronika Caspers Email: Tel.: +49 172 2909932