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Hello everybody! I am Sally, a passionate musician and songwriter. My first instrument was the guitar and then immediately the keyboard. I had already founded my first band at school. Her name was Voice. Everyone should actually do what he does best. Because only then you can really really good, or maybe even advance to excellence. I have a lot of plans for the next one because I want to release all my songs. There are already over 250 and there are a few more every month. That's why I'll get one or the other instrument for my completion, so that everything in my eyes has the right color. My direction is: ROCK, METAL, MELANCHOLIC BALLADES, SOUNDTRACKS EVEN RADIOTALLY COMMERCIAL MUSIC ARE WITH ME WITH RICH SENSITIVES EVEN NO PROBLEM HERE I AM VERY VERY FLEXIEBEL. I MAY NEVER DO ANYTIME THE OKTOBERFESTHIT. 😎👍

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My goal is: Writing songs, starting a cooperation with one or the other producers or even management to possibly even have international success. Since my songs go in quite a few directions, I can already draw on a huge selection. My strengths are aner actually in the composition, but I'm not a bad singer. What I want to achieve with my music is what moves me to express. Gifted singers and musicians give the certain kick. Just make the world a little bit better. Because in the team you can achieve a lot. To succeed together, I want to become part of a big community here. More details will be given in a personal conversation. HOW WORK IS REALLY FUN AND THAT IS IT TO BE. LIFE IS HARD ENOUGH! 😎👍 To my songs that will be released here in the near future: Song1: I consciously start this path with a somewhat melancholic song, which fits quite well into today's time. Children of madness I would personally see on the album G7, because he is also a bit political. song2: Will be something Balladiger. He was born when I was in love head over heels. This woman, I married then too. So a life event. 😅 Song3: Go in the direction that accompanied me most of my life. Rock and Metall is actually my life and in this direction it will give me a lot on your ears for you. So I want to know how far I can go.