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Rise - MexxTone

  • Apr 13, 2012
  • Soundtrack
Main info
Genre Soundtrack
Tempo mid-Tempo
  • Dramatic
Author Hans Schauerte, Souterrain Filmproduktion GmbH
Song Description
The Song "Rise" was written for a image film for DeTeWe Communications GmbH. Imagefilm:
Rise - MexxTone

Votes and comments

Rolando Belli
Rolando Belli 10/23/12 8:14 PM
Jochen Schaumann
Jochen Schaumann 9/24/12 4:49 PM
Raymond Byabazaire
Raymond Byabazaire 9/8/12 11:16 AM
"Lovely sound..."
Andrew James Liles
Andrew James Liles 8/30/12 6:29 PM
"Excellent progression with smart modulations and presence!"
Detlev Kirstein
Detlev Kirstein 8/9/12 9:58 PM
"Sehr schön"
Marco Lottermoser
Marco Lottermoser 6/27/12 8:55 AM
"Wow! Der Track hat bei mir eine Gänsehaut hervorgerufen. Toller Track!"
Pierre Poupart
Pierre Poupart 5/19/12 6:24 PM
Volkan Gücer
Volkan Gücer 5/2/12 10:20 PM
Alex Elzer
Alex Elzer 4/25/12 6:11 PM
"Love this kind kind of music"
Dean Tabaac
Dean Tabaac 4/25/12 1:11 AM
"Well done...would love to hear more..."
Sven Hessel
Sven Hessel 4/24/12 7:03 AM