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My Brandnew Life is the title of these bundle of tracks of the artist Smartmellow who is Wolfgang Fahr, a german guitarist, composer and producer residing in Aschaffenburg / Germany. Wolfgang came from the violin to guitar and focussed from his very early beginning on the six string nylon guitar. One of his first professionell engagements was with the Elastic Rock Band in Munich at the age of 24 after gaining his master degree in organic chemistry. Only one album was produced in 1981, Faruks Traum but i personally was impressed by the stylistic richness and especially by Wolfgang's way to play the guitar. Now i hold this soloalbum in my hands. Wow. It builds, so Wolfgang, in a certain way a smooth continuation of Faruk's Traum. Was it in those days Jazz-Rock/Jazz Fusion, so nowadays it turns out to chilled Jazz-Lounge music. Wolfgang compiled it all alone, prefered the 6 String Nylon to play with pure fingers, without plektrum, which is reason for this extremly warm tone, sometimes a semiacoustic Ibanez AS 200, also without plektrum, further a Guitar with Midiconverter to orchestrate the tracks, piano, pizzicato, marimba and vibraphone lines, individual tailored bass & drum composing, and as recording base his Logic Pro 8 Studio. Chillout is the focus, so all extremly relaxed with a certain new age note or let's say a smooth Jazznote. Smartmellow classifies his music as European Smooth Jazz, which after my opion is more than well described. Just true. New. Different.Without being a qualified expert for the area of Chill-Out/Lounge Music, i would name Smartmellows album My brandnew life a bulls eye for fans of this genre. The compositions with this New Age Smooth Jazz Note fit simply perfect, the frugal Nylon Leads draw wonderful lines into his musical landscape's heaven. The 13 songs are - typical for this genre – relatively simple, rich on athmospere and well to enjoy. This, on one hand ist perfect for the radio, and, on the other hand, like meant for each other, drawed and designed for the listeners chillout. As a bonustrack Fahr added a very well compiled version of Charles Mingus classicer Goodbye Pork Pie Hat, where he allows a deeper insight into his advanced guitar abilities. Source :, Marcel P.

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