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Hi I'm Ingo. I'm 37 years old and make music since I was 8. I play Guitar, Bass, Keyboard, Drums and sing or rap. Depending on what I wanna do. I produce everything in my little Homestudio on my own. For the last decades I only did for my own. I mean to express my feelings or solve inner problems by letting this emotions free. Now I think, it would be a shame, to not release it to the world. I am a single daddy of 3 kids. And that eliminated the idea of going on tour or even standing on stage. So I decided to release my music as a songwriter. So if you like what I do or you can get out something for your own soul, then let me know. I'd appreciate that. Best wishes to you all.

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My little Studio is called "TrashBuildStudios", because I built everything with Trash I had around me. Except the instruments for sure. But even there, I only bought used stuff and repaired it if necessary. Here in my tiny studio, I can produce everything I can imagine. I record with ableton 8 or 10 over my phase 88 audio interface. I have a electronic drumset, different Guitars and a midikeyboard and a mininova synthesiser. That's it.