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Singer-Songwriter Synje Norland has already enthused millions: In Germany, her songs were picked for movies and television, and Raffaello chocolate pleased viewers with both tempting layers of wafer and sweet music in their recent advertising campaign. Biography In 2007 Synje Norland released her debut album "Skipping Stones“ on Norland Music, a label she set up with her father. It was a truly collaborative effort that united the talent and passion of the family and many talented friends. The commitment paid off: In 2011 Synje Norland was nominated for the German Songwriter Award. Synje Norland’s music reflects her love of travelling and feeling at home in the world. Her sense of adventure led her all the way to Canada, where she not only discovered her love of songwriting, but also her love for a certain Irish-Canadian – the beginning of a long journey. Today, the artist divides her time between the high north of Germany and the deep south of Canada. She travels near and far, high and low: with open arms, open ears and an open heart. The downright predictive title of her highly acclaimed debut album "Skipping Stones" has become reality. Just like the stones Synje Norland has leapt a giant step forward. Blatantly, unmistakably, more maturely and stout-heartedly - right into unexplored territory… Discography & Filmography 2006 Schneewittchens Schlaflied Original Soundtrack 7 Zwerge - der Wald ist nicht genug Universal Music 2007 Album Skipping Stones Norland Music 2008 Trauriges Mädchen Duet with Sven van Thom from the Album Phantomschmerz Starwatch Music 2008 The One, The lonesome Side, Tried so hard Original Soundtrack TV series Rote Rosen - Telenovela DA Music 2009 Dreaming of you Advertisement Campaign Raffaello Chocolate Switzerland 2009 The One, The lonesome Side Original Soundtrack Liebe Mauer DA Music 2010 Over it, A better kind Original Soundtrack Das Geheimnis der Wale 2011 Album To the other Side Norland Music 2012 A hard world like this Original Soundtrack Mord mit Aussicht 2012 Tri Martolod Duet with Santiano from the Album Bis ans Ende der Welt - 2nd Edition Koch/Universal