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Audio Circus

  • Jan 17, 2014
    • Rock
  • Band
Audio Circus
  • Rock
Type Band
Country Germany
  • English
  • Business Services
- Bruno Mars meets Muse - That’s one way to describe the music of Audio Circus … … and what shall we say about the four musicians who make up this great R`n`B rock band? Well, first-off, though they’re based out of Hannover, they don’t sound anything like what you might have heard before coming out of Germany. They’re on a par with any of the most innovative bands on the world stage you might care to name. Frontman P-Nut’s right-on soulful vocals bring to mind artists like Bruno Mars and Chris Brown, while guitarist Fabian Flame’s tasty riffs and rhythms provide a magic carpet for the ride. Phil Lip‘s progressive rockbottom basslines, together with Sizzling Sebastian‘s driving drum-work melt the madness together to bring the house down. Let’s put it this way, their repertoire is one hell of a mix! Audio Circus hasn’t been around for eternity, but they’ve already met with remarkable success grabbing the attention of music lovers and industry insiders. They were recently invited by the renown rock band “Silbermond“ to play as support band for the “Himmel auf“ tour or sharing the stage with artists like Jennifer Rostock, Wirtz, Das Bo, and Großstadtgeflüster. The band is looking forward to a productive 2014: “We’ll be devoting much time in the studio to our upcoming album, and playing some great shows!
Audio Circus - I Wonder
Audio Circus - Can`t Leave You
Audio Circus - Say you dont love me
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Rolf Höllrigl
Rolf Höllrigl 2/23/21 6:07 PM
Steffi Kleine
Steffi Kleine 1/19/14 2:10 PM
WiNTER WiNTER 1/14/14 1:24 PM
"Great german band, great songs, well done!"
Steve Colin
Steve Colin 12/19/13 7:53 AM
Mag Pie
Mag Pie 11/27/13 5:12 PM
"Smooth. Great work."
Michael  Brass
Michael Brass 11/27/13 3:12 PM
"nice track. very cool voice too"
helmut kohlpaintner michael schinkel
helmut kohlpaintner michael schinkel 11/27/13 2:46 PM
"Absolut geil !"