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Main activity
Music Producer
Main genre
Dance Electronica
Language skills
German   English  
other   Songwriter   Remixer & Studio   Artist   Music Producer   Composer  
House   Instrumental   German Schlager   Dance Electronica   Techno   Pop  

Personal profile

Very early he discovered the passion for music. With 6 years, he tried for the first time, the hits from the radio on a small keyboard to play. Over the years he lent without music teaching self-knowledge and began chords and notes to learn. At the beginning of the 90s, fascinated by acts from the Euro Dance scene as Captain Hollywood, Ice MC, Mcoy, Fun Factory, Culture Beat and Dj.Bobo he began, more Equiqment immediately and began first to compose songs and produce. Incidentally, he also gained initial experience as a DJ. And not only compose their own songs but also produce remixes for other acts and reached Others Place one of the Remix Contest at…… (vipzone-remix contest). He is always on the lookout for new projects and looking forward to requests from acts that are with him together

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