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John Carry was already born with the guitar in his arm and went through all the ups and downs of the music. After completing his vocational training, he took several years at a singing lesson at the Musikhochschule Carl-Maria von Weber he found among other things also to the Schlager. He has performed with guitar, banjo, ukulele and accordion for many years. He composed and edited many of the protagonists of the up-and-coming and professional scene in Germany, Austria and Italy. His titles for the young offspring ran in the MDR and ZDF. But also as a bandmember he gained experience, which in turn produced TV shows. Meanwhile, on many CDs his songs were released and represented in many download workshops. Particularly successful he was with country music in South Tyrol 2010, the idea arose as a soloist for John Carry, and his first CD "Heyo Freunde" was released in 2012. A special milestone was the collaboration in the duo "Die Carris". H. Zorn and John Carry performed at numerous folk festivals. For example, the Christmas markets of Erfurt, Bad Muskau or Pirna, just to name a few. Also the Annaberger Kät was not missing, where the duo for several years was represented. The particularly timely texts of H. Zorn and J. Zobel inspired the composer John Carry again and again to new earworms, whose special characteristics are naturalness and joy of life, what is always very positively received by the audience. But also country comes in its programs not too short. It should also be mentioned that his Christmas program with many own titles a very special feeling spread and always met with strong approval. ZOS studio and TV

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Zos Studio and TV is a video and TV studio which produces videos for artists and groups. But also titles and lyrics for pop and pop singer.