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My Artist Name is Calectro. Combined from my real name Calogero and the music style i'm producing, Electro. Before this i had the name CA-Traxx and made own songs. My first contact to make music was a keyboard lesson i took. Then i start to get to know how i can produce music, by reading music magazines and learning by doing. My first program was a simple midi arranger without samples, every sound in general midi and made my own tracks. Later i had some music programs where i learned to arrange samples. Then i changed to Cubase, a professional Studio Sequencer which I'm working actually with. My first remix was a bootleg of Emilia - big big world. I registered to some producer websites where i exchanged experiences and expertise with other producers. I uploaded my own tracks there and got a lot of positive feedback and was played on several internet radios. I took also part of several remix contests. On one contest i won the first price on a global remix contest! The people loved my ideas how i produced the tracks. The track "now you are gone" was played on sunshine live. A label called Ill fish recordings got attention on me and gave me the chance to remix some of the tracks on his label and then to release. Later i had a collab with a producer and we realeased the single "electric power". I have also a YouTube channel theremixjunkie where i uploaded bootlegs and remixes. The most attention got my mixes of Madonna, Genesis and Aura Dione. One day the french female artist Anya Rose wanted me to remix her album. Some years later i released my 2nd single called "play & dance" sung by my good old friend.

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