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Thank you for visiting our channel. We really appreciate your support and your interest in listening and watching our songs and videos. We are independent artists and know that there are a lot of talented bands and musicians out there worldwide on the internet. Therefore, we are even more gratified to know that you are taking the time to read these lines. You will also find us at: We perform our songs as an acoustic duo with two acoustic guitars or we play as an full electric band with drums, bass and amplified guitars. Our songs are a melting pot of a lot of different styles but they always contain our unique groove and passion. There is one thing special about us: We have two lead "voices". Both Max with his distinctive vocals and Lenny with his unmistakable guitar licks in between not only fill spaces but also complete the glue of soulful bluesy grooves and thought-provoking yet genuine lyrics. It’s not easy to describe your own style but one fan put it really well describing our music as: “The Dave Matthews Band just passed John Mayer on the highway and the driver is Eric Clapton”. In 2009 we formed our band MAX MEETS LENNY. We tried out our songs in many places and in front of many different people before we started recording our acoustic debut album “SUCH GOOD THINGS” released in April 2010 over the independent label INTRAPOP. After many acoustic gigs we were curious if our songs would also work with a full electric band. Our EP release "MAX MEETS LENNY AND BAND" with 5 electrified songs was released in summer 2011. For our Live setup we found two young incredible musicians. For the Bass we found Ivo Schot who is a student at Holland's Rock academy and in Mannheim for a exchange semester. On the drums we booked Lucas Müller who is also studying in Mannheim. We have just finished the production of our debut album "European Girl" which was mastered in New York by Randy Merrill at Masterdisk. The CD will be released on 1st February 2013 through the record label 7us Media Group were we just signed our new record deal. The Promotion will start with the release of our first album single "European Girl" on 18th January 2013. And what's more, we just got confirmation on an Australian Tour in November 2013 starting with a gig on the November 9th at the "Caloundra" near Brisbane. Max & Lenny