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About the producer: Over 13 years of experience in professional studios and countless record productions. -Classic, Opera, Musical over Pop, Electro, Rock, Heavy, Powermetal, Blackmetal, Deathmetal, Crossover, Garage, Ambient, Ethno, Experimental a.o. A great number of productions in nearly any genre. -Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Premastering and Duplication are done in my studio or other studios. Manufacturing of media is done by our partners. My customers were for example: -Record labels (Synthetic Symphony, Metawave Pop, Metawave Classix, Metawave Future, Mouton Records, Intrapop, Triton...) -Independent bands and artists -Theatres (National theatre mannheim, Schnawwl theatre ma., Werkhaus ma., Stadthaus N1 ma., Schloss theatre schwetzingen, State opera luxemburg, State opera belgium, hungary, germany...) -Orchestras (Heidelberg symphonics, Starkenburg orchestra, Nat. th. orchestra&choir...) -Free theatre groups -Film & TV (RTL, RNF, Blic film, ENIGMA film...) My philosophy is, to achieve always the highest possible sound quality and to become a mediator of authentic definition of individual personality and art spirit. For this I have always worked hard and with full passion, to combine as musician and songwriter the necessary feel and the technical knowhow for reaching a high quality standard as music producer. Further references and informations can be found on my homepage: Best regards, Constantin Voujouklidis (Chief Producer and owner - Silverdome Productions) Contact: Constantin Voujouklidis Goethestr. 56 69214 Eppelheim Germany Tel./ Fax: (+49)6221/ 4304142 mail: web:

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Musicians, Singers, Composers, Broadcast&Radio stations, DJ´s, Sampler magazines, Record labels, Recording studios etc...of all genres -Get an excerpt of one song of your production test mastered for free, to compare the pre and post effect. You will be 100% excited by the result in compare with your original and by the fair conditions in pricing either. -Incredible high class quality sound mastering for all genres...Classical, Rock, Pop, Electro, Jazz, Blues, Soul, Hiphop etc. and remastering of old recordings, mixes or noising material with exceptional high performance dithering in 64 bit/ 192 khz!!! -We accept the following master media: #DAT 16 bit/ 44,1 Khz #Audio CD-red book standard #CD-Rom or DVD-Rom with PCM-WAV files up to 64 bit/ 96 Khz #1/2 inch Tape rear to rear(8 channel) #U-matic -The service you get is: -3D realtime analyzing with 200 single Band indicators. -2D realtime Stereo phase analyzing -Safe clip control with less drop out loss -Correlation correction with variable frequency targeted phase control and 3D center image positioning. -Eight band full paramatric EQ anti distortioning -Full range partition dynamic full parametric multiband compression in highest dithering resolution. -Linear and logarithmic dynamic draw of parameter controls -No resampling losses through only one time conversion from 64 bit/ 192 khz out to 16 bit/ 44,1 khz CD Track compatibility endmaster. -Analog exciting, surround imaging wide panorama enhancement and definition. -Listening on nearfield reference aswell as on Hifi. -High dithering logarithmic fade edits. -PQ-editing -Individual pause edits. -Codings of CD and tracks(ISRC codes/ UPC-EAN codes/ Track name ID´s/ Copyright branding informations) -Red book compatible Premaster with total checksum control and dropout analysis. This is the main technical aspect, that is less important than the human aspect, that controls with feel, experience, hearing and talent. -Simply post us your mixed track on a master and get an excerpt of it test-mastered. You will receive a steaming great, transparent, wide, crystal clear, vitalized, powerful, authentic, high definition,...pathetically high enhanced copy of it via e-mail or posted* back from us. You will hear any detail of your music like never before. You will become 100% sure a new customer with us!!! -Why we´re so faithful in our quality? The answer is simple: We are leaning on highest experience in all industry standards and genres, plus the great hearing and talent of our engineers. It´s not just the equipment making fantastic and magically fascinating ear catching sound quality, it´s the engineers using it!!! -You will never be again disappointed, getting back something sounding worse than plastic cutof edged change in authenticity...natural, clear, organic, round, huge, wide...simply pathetic and catching. We bring out all of your heart emotion that you´ve put in your material, like you have never dreamed of!!! -Get now your free exclusive trial mastering and become a new lucky customer with us!!! *In case of a posting, you´re paying simply the postal fees, media and packing material. We also provide complete recordings, mixing and mastering plus CD-manufacturing in highest quality and with complete print works. Your music production is our challenge, to make you be who you are and strong enough to take it up with the rest of the world!!! Whether you visit us to record in good hands and ambience your material from scratch and get it edited and mixed(our partner hotel next to us, is located in a dreaming environment), or if you send us just your recordings to do the rest for you in mixing and mastering, be sure to have a fest before and after it. We hope to get the chance, to win you as our next longtime customer!!! You can also have a listen to a few excerpts of tracks, unmastered and mastered in compare under this link: Kindest regards, your Silverdome Productions - Team Silverdome Productions Goethestr. 56 69214 Eppelheim Germany Tel./Fax: (+49) 6221/ 4304142 Mail: Web: