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Deepankar Ganguly is an Indo-Canadian international Bansuri musician, teacher, and speaker. An aesthetic solo performer of bansuri. As a published author , blogs, writings, and lectures his thoughts come from the disciplined study of music from early childhood. He continues this never-ending journey that weaves the experiences bestowed to him by his teachers and through his life’s work with this sacred woodwind instrument. Through his music, Deep works towards increasing the awareness that Bansuri for health and wellness. His programs using the power of music for meditation, inner awareness, and sound healing techniques, are used in many organizations, hospitals, and other health institutions. As a performer, he travels to various countries the globe wherever the Bansuri calls to perform in concerts and creating music. Deep is a known for his custom flute making. His unique creations of “BIRD FLUTES” and “World of Flutes” (a rare collection of flutes across the world) are popular not only in schools, and colleges, but also in private organizations and international venues. These demonstrations and display cause wonder and amazement! His passion for the Bansuri and music, makes him an ardent speaker at venues. The documentary film WORLD OF FLUTES on you tube is a unique work that captures him playing and speaking about the flutes from all over the world. Deep is a passionate teacher and apart from teaching music, he teaches at various universities and colleges, in Canada, India and abroad. Deep’s musings about music, bansuri and the incredible healing benefits and the power of our breath, clearly stand out in his collection of essays/articles of his books- MyBansuri series. His writings and music bring out the importance of the art of music, and the deep joy it brings into our lives as it resonates with the deep knowing we all have within. for more information.

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