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Young Music Records is a greater Toronto area recording, studio, and mastering facility that has surfaced as a small record label dedicated to reaching the highest level of music with professional sound and performance. Young Music Records was founded in 2010. Being the key recording component in developing new musical talent. Young Music Records is well aware of the drastic changes that have impacted the music industry over the last few years and will continue to provide quality music. Alongside a team of great Producers,Audio Engineers, Graphic Designers, Managers and Marketing experts Young Music will not only provide good music for our clients, but we will also make sure our artists get their music into the right hands and ears. Dare to be young and see the outcome! Young Music Records continues to reinvent itself by staying committed not only to change of technology but also getting back to its roots of recording mixing and mastering new upcoming talent. No matter if your and indie client needing recording facilities, we have it all under one roof. We also take the time to understand our clients needs and creative values, which leads to a comfortable recording environment.Young Music Records dare to be young! You can't be young and wise if you were never young and crazy, young music records dare to be young. ''YOUNG IS GEARED UP'' it's not just clothing it's a young and fresh lifestyle that never ages. Dare To Be Young & ----> Fresh!!! ....I Dare You! #YMR Men’s WHITE & Blackish Grey Varsity YMR Sweatshirt Jacket #YMR #youngmusicrecords #HEROYE @yeakayoungmusic #younggearedup RECORDING-MIXING-MASTERING GRAPHICS DESIGN AND DUPLICATION - PROMOTIONS & MARKETING - ARTIST MANAGEMENT - YMR ONLINE CLOTHING STORE OPEN NOW!!!

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Hero YE Born Oct 10 1988 in St. Mary Jamaica 6 year old YE moved from his home in St. Mary, Jamaica, to Scarborough Ontario to start a new life that he didn’t know, would lead him towards the music industry. Starting in pre- school to high school, YE always had a creative mind and portrayed it in everything he has done. This gift of creativity has resulted in him having an 99% average in media and arts, not only did YE excel in the arts, he was also an amazing athlete as well. But even though he did well in school and in the work force afterwards, life wasn’t always the greatest. Living in the worst parts of Scarborough, being the bread winner and the most motivated in his family while taking care of his mother who has been diagnosed with cancer in 2009, he had a lot on his hands. Through all the hard times YE had overcome, he realized his one true weapon to get through it all was music. From that moment on he started writing his own music and realized he was improving quickly as a recording artist. But not long after that, Alongside Prod. Legend loc he came up with an idea to start a movement called Young Music which then evolved into Young Music Records. With advice from his cousin Mega Man (Prod. For BMG chrysalis) and Captain Hooks (Recording Artist), he has now grown not only to be a man of great character and strength but an entrepreneur and excelling musician as well. “ I don’t Rap, I don’t Sing, I make Music” – YE 2014 with his new EP Album City Of Heroes (The Most Versatile) Released June 1st, YE plans on getting the attention of all music lovers alike from club music to mood music, He never puts a limit on the kind of music he can create because music has no boundaries and never dies, it's forever alive and young. His music is very versatile, he doesn't just keep a repetitive vibe going on every track, He switches it up every time, You will never know what type of sound he will bring to the table, With his motto (FOREVER YOUNG) he keeps his style young and hyper but in a heroic sense. He has been nominated as Best Male Rapper at the Lady Flava Radio Network 2nd Anniversary Award Show in Brooklyn New York, Featured on Rogers Tv's Afrofest In Toronto, Featured on,,,, Etc. Opened for reggae artist Serani, Performed in colleges and at club events including his cd release party for his EP Album city of heroes and much much more. For YE this is just the beginning, keep your eyes and ears open, he will be setting up a tour for 2017 to 2018 and will be releasing a brand new mixtape for 2017. Young Music Records (Dare To Be Young).