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I’m a musician and audio engineer from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I started in 2005 and joined my first band in 2006 as a bassist. Since then, many projects were made: Fühgawz, Delta Rock, Savanna, Ferradura (horse shoe), Canalhocratas (scoundrelcrats), Domestic Junkies, Fio Desencapado (bare wire), Noise Punch and 8 Grave. They fit in Rock, Classic Rock, Psychedelic, Alternative, Punk, Hardcore and Experimental genres. In 2007, I graduated in Electric bass at Villa Lobos Music School of Rio de Janeiro. Playing bass and co-producing independently, my highlights were in Delta Rock (2006-2011) and Savanna (2009-2016): I performed to five thousand people as an opening act, won a prize of best-instrumentalist with Delta Rock and reached deeper conclusions about life with the psychedelic trips taken during Savanna jam sessions. This last project seemed like a songwriting collective. We've got influenced by The Velvet Underground rustic type of recordings, Jimi Hendrix intuitive writing, The Doors poetry and Nirvana performing viscerality. Grunge and psychedelic rock was our thing. We used to record the jams and listen, then we would modify the sounds in a subsequent recording. This was our writing process. We were proud to be part of Rio's underground rock scene, from the west area of Rio de Janeiro (Zona Oeste). In 2016, I moved to Hollywood and did audio engineering at the Musicians Institute. Back in town one year later, an economic crisis emerged: The band split, because fellow musicians went to other jobs; my family moved to Portugal, and I kept switching between both places to give sequence to musical works. I ended up with three hundred recordings with Savanna. After its ending, nobody took credit over them; we decided instead to keep them stored in a time capsule (or call it a heart-shaped box). Today, with the experience earned, I’m a solo musician, looking to collaborate in new projects, and working to expand Artigo Audio's (my production company) presence on the internet. Excerpt from my artistic statement: "I relish on solving complex sonic puzzles. I like to compare my compositions to a puzzle which all the pieces were previously together. Then I dismantle and put them together again to turn the music neat and clear." More info :

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Artigo Audio - Music production, publishing, songwriting collective, record label. Artigo Audio provides music production and songwriting. Musicians, bring your work and let's collab. Like a crowd that yearns for a good performance, your work needs to be delivered with excellence. Here's what I can do: Pre-production … From the initial stage of composition to rehearsals and arrangements. Recording ... A quality song must start accurately. Mixing… Where art meets science! Mastering… Levelling all tracks for release. Brainstorming … Review and reflection on what goals can be set (improving your artist channel volume, putting a marketing plan and developing catalogs) Publishing… The representation and administration of your musical work. Entrepreneurship ... Project management, representing the artist to find concerts and contracts. Execution ... The pursuit of your ideals! The plans concretization! DIY Marketing ... To build awareness and engage fans with your material. Acquire new press notes, developing an EPK, knowing new contacts and finding opportunities with monetization of the works. Musician, bring your idea and lets get hands on!