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Dave Yowell (aka Sultan Makendé) Is a multi- instrumentalist music composer and producer with many production, television and film music credits to his name. His specialty is alternative and unconventional music using unusual instruments from around the world, mixing it up with tasty electronic and organic flavours specifically tailored to fit the moving image. Presented here is a small selection of some of his work, which encompasses many musical styles and genres from around the world. He can also provide specially commissioned music to your specification and price. Some of his credits: Sex and the city (HBO) The in-laws (Ttime Warner) Discovery Channel National Geographic BBC ITV ABC Kerrang Digital MTV CNN Dirty Pretty Things Americas next top model William and Kate - The movie.

Company profile We don't boast having thousands and thousands of tracks. Instead, we have a good selection of nearly every genre and mood you can think of - specifically cut and tailored to be worn by the moving image. We work with the highest calibre of artists, composers and musicians from all corners of the planet, many of whom already have film scoring credits under their belts. We take great care in choosing what we publish, making sure that all our tracks are of the highest audio quality and originality. Although we specialize in what has come to be called "World Music", you will be able to find practically any genre, from funky grooves, to chill and ambient soundscapes.....just browse our catalogue with no obligation and enjoy! Dave Yowell - Owner and artistic director