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I am now contactable via: @bizdataindex including telephone number, due to excessive work, it is not always possible to answer calls, but any messages via sms or whatsapp will always be replied to 😊 NEW UPCOMING TRACKS: "Universal" and "Bizarre BMJ" OTHER TRACKS ON YOUTUBE FOR GREAT LISTENING: "Twilight", "The Getaway" , "Never Look Back Remixed" , "Cornered" , "Waterstorm" , "Farewell" , "Madness Of T" and "Night Terror". I am Becky, I originally come from Wales/England but I have lived in the Netherlands now for 2 years. I'm not anybody special, I'm a simple and down to earth person. My music making started as a hobby but then I became obsessed with it, I feel I have a natural affinity with music because I am a person that allows music to express how I feel. My "hobby" only started because I wasn't a fan of the music that I was hearing so I decided to make my own... While I still have breath in my body and the capability/ability to make music, I will continue to do so, it's crazy because I am constantly having ideas and am sometimes able to compose a few tracks in 1 week!! On a personal note, I make music because I feel passionate about it, I feel the more tracks I compose the better I get, it's all a learning curve like most things in life. Personally I don't make music to make money, it's not the foundation or fundamental reason why I do it.. Of course if I happen to get spotted or picked up in the process would always be nice but I won't hang all my hopes on it. And just to finish, I can't think of anything better than doing something you love as a profession and to be paid for that profession, but in the meantime or until that happens (if it ever does) I won't quit my day job!! I refer to my music as MED (Melodic Dance) I believe there is a distinct difference between this and what is known as EDM. In my personal opinion EDM comes across as a lot of sound effects combined with a hardcore thumping beat.. Where as MED is still dance music but with a melody or something about the track that is memorable, I often find in the case of MED that even after after the track has been listened to, sometimes you can catch yourself humming or whistling the melody from that track still at later periods in the day. I can agree that EDM tracks are for feel good vibes and energy, but I find that MED is not only good for feel good vibes and energy, but are also uplifting and sometimes empowering depending on the individuals susceptibility to the music.

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BMJ Music is still young and in its teething stages, I was helped into becoming BMJ Music by joining the songwriters guild (Guild of International Songwriters and Composers) based in England, I have been a member of theirs since May 2016 and every piece of my work is Copyright Protected by them. I think the biggest problem I have is promotion, I have of course posted links for my music but I'm still working on ways in which to grab peoples attention.