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PER ASTRA AD ASTRA B-Astre is a bewitching experimental pop singer/songwriter. She embodies the sky with her haunting voice and allows the audience to join her in the stars. B-Astra : “to become your own star” Also a performer and pianist; originating from the foggy capital of Belgium and on an intense journey into the great beyond. Often called an “alien born to earth,” she has been on a voyage tinged with surrealism and filled with energy; overcoming struggles and using her art to turn pain into joy. Once a street child after a distinguished musical education with Johan Schmidt, she freed herself as an assertive and self-made original stage woman. Her soul embraced a chorus of alley creatures, combining her formal music training with an underground flare that she developed on the flipside of Brussels nightlife. A journey through the human’s eye fraught with pitfalls of which she rose a thousand times: singing, playing, and dancing, she created a style of her own.

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The stage art of B-Astre floats between pop and singer/songwriter worlds and between live music and performance art. She’s influenced by the music she’s played and performed in the past (classical, jazz, blues, rock, cabaret) and condensed it all through the ears of a pop musician with additional synthesizers and/or acoustic arrangements. The principles and improvisation taken up by B-Astre put the singer’s body into work. Her character embodies her lyrics and she engages with her audience and demands a constant dialogue. During her performances, the public is also led by organically developed improvisation on the stage. The sound is surgically intertwined with projected video set behind the stage, but this presentation swells naturally, often leaving the viewer in a state of shock and awe.