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Out of India to “Oz” The Journey of Rhett May What does a cup of coffee, the Himalayan Mountains, and tracks left by creatures called “Wooly Bullys” have in common? Easy, Rhett May! So, immediately you think Bigfoot or Abominable Snowman, and huge tracks left in the snow, right? Not exactly…These Wooly Bullys did exist, and the tracks they've left behind are musical tracks. See, Rhett May is a seasoned musician whose first band was named The Wooly Bullys. He's not as elusive as the legendary Bigfoot;however,he has left musical footprints that lead out of India - to his current home in Australia, kindly known as “Oz.” Rhett May owes his rare musical sound and style to the unique environment that he grew up in. Born in Calcutta, India, he was immersed in a magical, musical melting pot. Carnatic and Hindustani music and instruments such as the Sitar and Tabla always providing melody and percussion against a daily backdrop of lifting and soaring voices of Ragas. Ragas especially played a vital part of Rhett's musical experience with their series of five or more musical notes forming melody. However, this environment of classical Indian music wasn't the only sounds floating about Calcutta. By the time Rhett had begun boarding school in the Himalayan foothills; western music had also begun an invasion. Rolling Stones, Beatles,Cream, or Jimi Hendrix. Rhett lived the magic of the musical melting pot.Few,if any songwriters and musicians could grow up in such a perfect time and place of musical menagerie. For Rhett May Indian culture and music mixed with that from the west. There’s no doubt Rhett May is back to music, and his latest single...'Cocktails and Cannabis' setting fire to music charts across the the harbinger of a new era in music that is unique and a breath of fresh air !!As one scribe puts it..."It's's exotic...a love song with an edge that goes round and round inside your head....very Haight Ashbury "........

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