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Living in Perth, Western Australia. I have worked as a DJ for a number of years and have played on radio shows throughout the globe. Currently have a track on a Miami 2014 compilation with Ibiza record label Senssual Records with an EP in the pipeline of being released. Whilst I enjoy making house music, my passion and love is with the classical instruments and meditation styles. When coming up with the music, it is primarily driven by instincts as one track could have the intention of being a house track and I end up writing a lovely classical track and vice versa. It depends on the direction that the track takes me. I've had music used in videos for Luxurious Magazine which is my first commercial involvement with music. I've also intereviewed Celeste Siam whom is the brand Ambassador for Kennett Timepieces associate with Luxurious Magazine. I would love to have the music that I create used in other videos and expand on this. A lot of examples of my work can be found on the SoundCloud link below which has DJ sets, house music and various experimental tracks, a meditation track that goes for an hour long and classical pieces that I've put together.

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