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Andreas Prinz - called "Andy" Team A talented musician, arranger and gefühlvollelr avid composer, who has turned his hobby into a career. Prince Andrew was born in 1973 in Aries. When he was six years old, he first made the acquaintance of keyboard instruments. In his - sometimes a bit stubborn - ram's head, the desire sat tight, even so to be able to play the organ as Franz Lambert! A little later, Andy got his first organ that his most important friend was from this moment! Since Andy as 14-year-olds knew well that the preoccupation with music for him would be more than just a hobby, he began an apprenticeship as a music shop and enjoyed getting to know in this operating technical details of many instruments. After completing his apprenticeship, he completed a grueling, but also time fleet as a pioneer in the Austrian army. He learned engineer and arrangers know, stood in various entertainment bands themselves as a keyboard player and singer on stage and started to tinker step by step to his dream "music as in life." Today Andy Prinz runs his own recording studio in Lower Austria, is delighted when sounds that have previously existed only in his head, at some point also listen to CDs and is well on the way to develop his own style. The route is the goal!

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