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Klaus Fischer is a rapper, singer and producer. He came into music by playing the drums in several bands and genres. He is the frontman of Waves On Fire ( Formerly known as Mac Flausch he worked with different bands like Schlawiena, Dialektika, WieSpaet,... He played some roles in different movies ("Echte Wiener 2", Polly Adler-"Gold Lukas",...) Klaus Fischer works also as producer, made music for some commercials (T-Mobile, Generali Center,...) His music is also used as soundtrack for different DVDs (FAK-DoubleSieger2006, Echte Wiener 2,...)

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Waves On Fire is a Newcomer Band from Vienna. Their music is a compact mix of Ska, Hip Hop and Reggae and can be outlined as popmusic. A speciality of the band is the combination of german raps and english vocals. Waves On Fire consists of 7 Musicians: vocals/rap (Klaus Fischer), vocals/guitar (Michael Langenbacher), sounds (DJ King), bass (Gerwalt Leitner), drums (Sebastian Baxant) and two trumpets (Phillipp Zimmermann,Bernhard Fleissner) ..