Atividades principais
Estilo principal
Language skills
Atividades secundárias
Education   Booking   Organization   Event Agency   Distribution   Business Services   Management   Media   Promotion  
Estilo secundário
R&B   Spoken   Gospel & Religious   House   Rap   Soul   Indie   Jazz  

Perfil pessoal

Booking Agent, Artist Manager, Pianist, Music Tutor & Training & Development Professional.

Perfil da empresa

Slight Edge Events is an Artist Management Company with a slight edge - our focus is the musician from a holistic perspective. Our handpicked musicians are not focused on this destination people call "Blowing Up"​ but rather an educational & developmental adventure with the emphasis on consistent, daily, incremental progress. To us Music is a Business, not a hobby. And musicians are Human Beings, not commodities or transactions. We are constantly focused on developing those competencies that will facilitate our growth into the music industry professionals we seek to be. We constantly seek to do that which we cannot do. If there isn't a teacher or a class, we will find a way, but we will learn this thing that we cannot do - there is nothing that we cannot do.