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Nemanja Zlatarev was a member of diverse musical formations, commencin (in 2003) in fantastic ska band "Ringišpil"(), then, "agro-reggae" group "Drum'n'Zez" (joined in 2007), soon resulted in three of their released, authored albums. Beside performing Nemanja signed his share of authorisation rights, he contributed with. Played with them just about every big music event and festival in country, as entire balcan, yet a few excellent concerts in Slovenia, Austria,.. He worked with "Branimir i Neprijatelji", "Goblini" and "Josip A Lisac" bands so they involved him in some of their albums. Became steady in Novi Sad Big Band (in 2003) "Novosadski Big Bend". Through concert activity "Novosadski Big Bend" made collaboration with many respective artist and recognizable voices (Jelena Tomašević, Massimo Savić, Tanja Banjanin, Aleksandra Radović, Tijana Bogićević, Tanja Jovićević, Svetlana Palada, Jelena Buča, Vladimir Samardžić, Billy King, Saša Vasić, Boris Režak, Sergej Trifunović,...) Nemanja participated in album of "Novosadski Big Bend" as well, published in Sept2010. He collaborates periodically with regionally popular bands as "Miladjopezo" (Novi Sad) and "Rich Bitch & Tanja Jovićević" formation (Sombor). With a help of few colleagues, (in 2009) initiated and founded "Jazz Omladinu Vojvodine", Jazz Youth of Vojvodina and set up "Novosadski Omladinski Jazz Orekstar" ("Novosadski Omladinski Big Bend") (Novi Sad Youth Big Band). Also at the moment Nemanja Zlatarev is a member of two international orchestras - big bands "East-West Europian Jazz Orchestra" and "Backyard Jazz Orchestra" with who he had last and this year tours over Balcan countries, Germany and Austria. In 2012 Serbia, R of Macedonia, Bulgaria, Romania, Germany (Gelsenkirchen, Osnabruck, Munich, Berlin), Austria (Graz).

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"Funktastic Coalition" formed at the beginning of 2012. Off of local music scene, trombonist from Novi Sad (Serbia) Nemanja Zlatarev (1985), musicians at the similar "frequence", players experienced and skilled in differente genres, bands, he assembled into "Funktastic Coalition". Quint, for now, function under parole, vocal's not neccessary to bring you full experience and they are doing fine that way. Music's based predominantly on authored tracks, in funky vibe and fusion with elements of jazz, pop and latin. Promotional studio tracks, of this brand new "coalition", download on social networks while they grow debut album material.