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Jim Rezac is an award winning songwriter from Delaware. In 2021 the First State Songwriter took home Best Theme Song for a Podcast at the international event, NJ Web Fest for his theme song to Muckey Landing: a sort of Podcast. 2024 is already proving to be a big year for Jim. His song, "Tryin' 2Be An Angel" will be featured in the upcoming horror film, Meathook (Cutting Floor Films). Jim performs regularly at Musikfest (PA), the largest outdoor music festival in the country. Other venues include The Avalon Theater, Wilmington Grand, The Bitter End and the Old Historic Statehouse in Dover, DE. Rezac can be found in his humble recording studio by the tracks when he's not performing at a songwriter circle or fest. Look for him on Twitch each Sunday at 7PM (EST) under the name "Delacaster". Find him on YouTube/Facebook at Jim Rezac Music.

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