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Агентства / Бренды   Другое   Медиа   Радио   Музыка к фильму/ТВ   Промоушен   Специалист в области Digital & Mobile   Организация   Продюсер киноиндустрии   Образование   Евент агентство   PR агентство   Площадка   Поиск новой музыки и музыкантов   Бизнес сервисы  
Инди   Хаус   Госпел, Религиозная   Другое   Музыка к фильму   Инструментальная   Рэп   Поп   Соул   Spoken   R&B   Фанк   Хип-хоп  

Личный профиль

I have been in the music business since the 90's and the entertainment business since the 80's. I currently am a journalist, radio and TV host, actor., Author & Public Speaker I enjoy the arts and deal making.I am a great strategist, consultant and negotiator I concentrate on closing deals. I don't do pro bono so when discussing projects please have a budget attached each project. With that said... Let's go to work! Peace

Профиль компании

Buzz builder does just that. We are a branding, marketing and consulting firm. We help you connect with the right opportunities and people to propel your brand, business or product awareness & growth. You are only as good as who knows. We help you get KNOWN!